The RA-7 model of protocol droid was commonly used by Imperial officers during the Galactic Civil War as servants. On [PLANET], [ANDEE’S FAMILY] employed one to serve as a tutor for [ANDEE], whom they saw as requiring further education and refinement in the fields of etiquette, propriety, and Imperial propaganda. This particular RA-7 also delivered data back to her family on her behavior and any other aspects of her life which they considered unacceptable, though it was not aware of this fact. In this, they thought that they were being quite clever in spying on their daughter this way. They didn’t realize that RA-7 droids issued to Imperial officials were, in fact, delivering data back to the Imperial Security Bureau on everything that they observed.

When [ANDEE] left [PLANET], she took along the droid, guessing (correctly) that it would report on her escape. At some point the droid was disabled and reprogrammed to remove the impetus to report back to her family, though its memory was not wiped. During this reprogramming, the hidden subroutines for reporting to the ISB were discovered and disabled.

The droid, now starting to develop a personality independent of its original programming, was shocked to find that it had been used in such a fashion and vowed to accompany [ANDEE] in an effort to make amends for its former actions. When she joined the Rebel Alliance (and later the Republic and the Resistance), the droid (now calling itself ID-RA-7, or “Eyedee”), began to employ its previously hidden talents in the service against the Empire. It ferreted out Imperial moles and double agents, fed deliberate misinformation to the enemy, and recruited double agents within the Imperial ranks. Eyedee went through a brief period of intense stress when Rebel counterintelligence seemed unable to find the source of its internal leak after the Battle of Endor, only to find out that there was in fact no leak or mole, and that the Emperor had employed the highly illogical “Force” to outmaneuver the Alliance.


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