Canzik Raa

Larger male Togruta with heavily tattooed head tails


On the day Order 66 was given, a Togruta named Canzik Raa opened his eyes for the first time. As he felt the powerful Jedi Masters die, one by one, all he could feel was emptiness, his newborn mind unable to cope with complex concepts of death and the force. His parents realized his connection to the force before he could even speak. Recognizing the signs, as his father had a brother that was taken in by the Jedi, his parents did their best to hide Canzik’s abilities (as the galaxy had turned so harshly against everything Jedi). While he was able to keep his secrets hidden, he couldn’t help but be drawn back to those feelings of emptiness, and feelings of anger began tearing at the edges of his mind. He became more reckless in his actions, and was spotted on several occasions leaping farther than normal. The rumors of a young Togruta with exceptional abilities quickly spread to the ears of imperials. By his twelfth birthday, his small town was visited by an imperial inquisitor. As fate would have it, Canzik and his father were on an extended hunt on the day of the arrival, and therefor not there to witness the carnage that ensued. Another child was found to have a glimmer of force sensitivity, and was subsequently taken by the inquisitor, thus sparing Canzik. However, she was not taken quietly, and most of the town, including his mother, were slaughtered by the imperial soldiers. Upon returning from the hunt, triumphant from his first Akul kill, young Canzik and his father found themselves surrounded by dead and dying friends. Realizing that it was unsafe for them to remain under the watchful eye of the empire, his father sold everything they owned to book passage offworld.

Unfortunately the only transport they were able to find was on a barely spaceworthy ship, which subsequently crashed just outside of the system. Canzik and his father survived, while the pilot and crew didn’t make it. They were able to find food and shelter in fairly short order, as his father was a skilled hunter. While exploring the caves on a hunt, they came across an ancient ruined base. Canzik felt a pull towards a particular location, where upon some searching, he came across a Jedi Holocron. It took him over a year to figure out how to activate it, and then at least another year before he was able to assemble his first lightsaber out of a damaged crystal he found within his favorite hiding place. He spent the next eight years training in the skills described in the Holocron. His training was interrupted for almost a year as the destruction of Alderaan rang so strongly in his head. This brought him back to his first clear memories, the feeling of all the dying Jedi, and he was nearly consumed by his anger at the Empire. It was all his father could do to bring him back from the brink by reminding him of who he was, where he came from, and how much he was loved. His training and meditation resumed, determined that he would never come that close as to feel the pure rage and power of the dark side.

Eventually a scavenger ship landed and they were able to barter transport back to Shili, as the scavengers brought news of the defeats the Empire had suffered. Upon return to Shili, Canzik learned of all he had missed, from the destruction of Alderaan and the destruction of the two death stars and eventual fall of the Emperor. Canzik immediately set out to join the group monitoring the Imperial Remnant, knowing that the evil must be watched, lest the empire rise again.

Canzik Raa

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