The year is 6 ABY (After the Battle of Yavin seen in A New Hope), the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant have signed the Galactic Concordance calling for a cease fire and now the newly reestablished senate has pushed through a Military Disarmament Act in order to show their differences from the previous regime, the Galactic Empire, and move forward. The Imperial Remnant fled to the Unknown Regions just west of the Core and has been quiet to date.

Most have moved on as if that time is behind them, but Leia Organa calls continued monitoring of this remnant. For her troubles she is called a warmonger. Not everyone believes this remnant will follow the concordance and if left unchecked they could be a very dangerous entity in the future. She uses some her connections with like minded systems to form what will be known as The Resistance and you are among the first to her cause. You know the danger of The Empire is not truly in the past.

Star Wars - Rising Resistance

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